Darius Proximity Getting you closer to your customers

When you know your customers are here, you can give them the shopping experience they expect


Recognize and welcome your customers

Darius allows you to know when your customers are instore.


Deliver relevant, personalized messages

Darius gives retailers the power to create and deliver compelling, revenue-generating customer experiences, offers and rewards instore.


In-store navigation and signposting

Darius allows you to influence your customer’s journey instore.

"We have integrated Darius throughout our marketing strategy over the last few years and have just launched a proximity marketing campaign by linking Darius with our WiFi System. Over the last 12 months, Darius has helped us to grow our shopper database by 71% and has provided us with the ability to communicate directly with Jervis Shopping Centre shoppers via personalised communications and bespoke offers."

Derek McDonnell Centre Manager, Jervis Shopping Centre


What it does

Many brick-and-mortar retailers have invested in some type of proximity technology, such as WiFi, iBeacons, digital signage or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Darius™ integrates with this technology to recognise your customers and deliver relevant, personalized marketing messages, offers, coupons and rewards to them straight to their phone when they are instore.  

Not only does this make your tech investment work harder to grow your business and deliver greater return on investment, it gives you valuable insights and analytics into your instore customer journey – helping with instore operational and logistical problem-solving.


More and more retail tech businesses are recognizing how Darius gives them the opportunity to turn the data and analytics their technology generates into actionable target marketing strategies and campaigns that help grow their clients’ business and are partnering with us to do just that!

If you don’t already have proximity tech installed, our work with a number of tech providers means we can help you get going.

Case Studies Who we've done it for

When it comes to physical retail, there are very few challenges we haven’t seen or helped solve. Here are just a few of them.

Darius your way

Darius is made up of a number of components – each all about growing your business. Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one, some, or all. You can go for for the full end-to-end solution, pick and mix to match specific needs, or size up the opportunity to scale up. Whatever you go with, you can be sure that you have made a great decision for your business.

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