Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace: 4th July ‘Grill God’ Campaign Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace: 4th July ‘Grill God’ Campaign

The Background

Based in Farmingdale, New York, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace is a gourmet store specializing in the finest Italian food and ingredients. Uncle Giuseppe’s opened their first Marketplace in East Meadow, New York in November 1998 and have since grown to seven stores.

In common with many grocery retailers, Uncle Giuseppe’s were reliant on traditional – expensive – printed flyers to communicate specials, offers and promotions to their shoppers. Identifying a more effective and cost-effective alternative to their weekly printed flyer distribution is a particular area of focus for the retailer.

The Challenge

As well as exploring a solution to the print question, Uncle Giuseppe’s wanted to keep refining shopper profiles within their database to ensure that they are presenting the right messages and content to the right people.

Additional campaign goals were to continue to build social media following, and to gain insight into store footfall patterns – in particular, identifying reasons for peaks and troughs.

The Solution

Velocity developed a 4th July themed competition e-zine campaign with the opportunity to win a $250 gift card or BBQ Essentials gift basket. During late-June and mid-July 2017, a series of emails was distributed to Uncle Giuseppe’s database, which had been uploaded to Velocity’s personalization and insights platform, Darius for Retail. Each email featured links to a competition landing-page – created in Darius for Retail – as well as links to the retailer’s social media channels. Competition entry was via completion of a short survey, comprising questions about the frequency of shopping at Uncle Giuseppe’s and the factors that influence frequency behavior; for example, distance from the nearest store. To extend engagement and data capture in-store, campaign posters featuring a competition SMS keyword were displayed throughout the store network.

The Results

  • Darius for Retail provided important insight into how to optimize campaign timings so as to maximize email open-rates.
  • While email was the most popular competition entry mechanism, the significant number of shoppers (around 11 per cent) entering via the in-store SMS method provided important insight for future campaign activation.
  • Spikes in social media engagement coincided with campaign e-zine timings.
  • Around three-quarters of shoppers were visiting an Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace at least once a fortnight.
  • Not surprisingly, distance from store had an impact on shopping frequency. Using ZIP Code and survey response data, Darius was used to create a ‘heat-map’ of where shoppers lived versus their perception of distance from store. This provided important operational insight into geographical footprint.

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