Shopping Centre, Ireland Parfois at Jervis

The Background

Handbag and fashion accessories brand, Parfois opened their first Dublin city centre store at the Jervis Centre in 2014. Jervis has been using Darius as their shopper engagement platform since the beginning of 2013.

The Challenge

As a relatively new brand, Parfois were keen to leverage the value of the shopping centre’s existing shopper database, while at the same time increasing their own database.

The Solution

The Jervis Centre team designed a campaign on Darius which promoted Parfois’ key product ranges and allowed shoppers to opt-in to Parfois communications, delivered either by the Jervis Centre or directly by the brand itself.

The campaign included a series of targeted communications to those shoppers who had registered to hear about accessory or fashion brands from the centre. Social media was also used to drive new engagements through promotion of a competition sponsored by Parfois.


Key Results were:

  • 41% e-zine open rate from segmented communications (the industry average is around 15%).
  • Just under three-quarters of the database that received the targeted communications clicked through to the promotional landing-page, which contained further product information.
  • Parfois received converted opt-ins to their own database from over 75% of the engagers on the campaign.
  • The store sold out of a number of product ranges that featured in the campaign.

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