Shopping Centre, Ireland Student Lock-In at Jervis

The Background

The Jervis Centre has a large percentage of tenants that primarily market to a younger shopper demographic. For this reason, it was very important to the on-going marketing strategy that the annual student events were used to collect much valuable shopper data which could be used for on-going marketing through the year.

The Challenge

Reduce media spend, while increasing footfall to the annual ‘Student Lock-in’.

The Solution

A multi-channel shopper marketing campaign was developed and published from Darius. Due to the student target audience, there was a heavy focus on social media channels, as well as on-site promotion within local colleges and universities. Engagements were tracked in real-time and reported on the Darius dashboard so that we could appraise the best and least performing communications for future fine-tuning.

Darius was also used to capture student data through pre-event registrations. Each student registering their interest in attending the event via the Darius-served landing page automatically received exclusive retail offers to redeem on the night.

To improve the client’s shopper insight data, we also used Darius’s survey feature to better understand the reasons students chose to attend the event and where they preferred to shop. This insight enabled the centre management team to report back to participating retailers on how they could re-design their promotional offers for future student events to generate extra sales, while also influencing the design of future student campaigns by the shopping centre’s marketing function.

The Results

  • Client’s student database grew by 68% and further student insights were gained.
  • The Darius-powered Student Lock-in campaign generated €422,500 in sales with an average spend of €65 per student.
  • Media spend as a proportion of total marketing budget reduced from 50% to 10%, despite a significant increase in attendance.

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