Shopping Centre, Northern Ireland Debenhams at Foyleside

The Background

Foyleside shopping Centre had been using Darius to build and segment their shopper database for a 12-month period in advance of this promotion commencing. As the anchor store at the shopping centre, Debenhams was registered by more than 55% of the shopper database as a store they wanted to receive promotions and product information on.

The Challenge

Develop a local shopper database to support Debenhams at Foyleside.

Debenhams holds its global database at their head office and this is not available for use by individual stores. Unable to monitor and measure their marketing campaigns locally, Debenhams at Foyleside wished to create their own local shopper database that they could use to engage their own customers with content relevant to their particular store.

The Solution

We delivered a two-part, seven-day Christmas promotion that communicated seasonal offers while promoting a grand prize giveaway. Darius was deployed to build, distribute and measure the performance of campaign communications, and, capture all personal data from shoppers that engaged via a Darius-served landing page.

The Results

The week-long campaign achieved 768 views of the campaign landing page attracting 430 new shopper records (56% conversion).

Darius analytics provided important insights into the communication channels that were most effective during this campaign. For example, we saw that Facebook promoted posts alone generated 241 new shopper records with a conversion rate of 61%.

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