Shopping Centre, England Sparkling Engagement at Centre Court

The Background

Designed to engage, the Valentines promotion at Centre Court, had to cater to a time-sensitive audience and encourage increase spend in the centre. 3,000 imitation diamonds were distributed in branded jewellery boxes during peak commuter times with the call to action of registering the unique code found at the bottom of the box to see if they’ve won a real diamond.

The Challenge

  • Increase sales for retailers carrying seasonally relevant product ranges (Jewellers & Card Stores)
  • Add new target shoppers to the shopper database and build more profile information on existing members

The Solution

Darius was used to register all data associated with the promotion, track responses and push relevant retailer offers out to the audience after they registered their code.

The Results

  • Year on Year Sales increased significantly for the three main retailers who engaged with the campaign: Clinton Cards: +81.7%  YOY / Goldsmiths:  +72.6% YOY / Swarovski:  +28.2% YOY
  • 794 new additions to the database (26.5% of audience who received the promotional item opted-in Vs. Industry benchmark of 3%)

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