Shopping Centre, Ireland Carraig Donn at Jervis

The Background

Carraig Donn had recently opened a new store at the Jervis Centre and required the support of the centre’s marketing resources to build brand awareness and drive footfall and sales for their new store.

The Challenge

Carraig Donn’s new store at Jervis was located in an area of the shopping mall that had not previously accommodated a retail tenant. Because of their unknown location, the store needed to raise awareness amongst existing Jervis shoppers that they were now open, as well as educating the market on what they could expect to find in-store.

The Solution

Carraig Donn offered an attractive in-store discount on presentation of a promotional code valid only on two dates during April and May.

We created a multi-channel shopper marketing campaign in and tracked by Darius and promoted through social media, the Jervis shopping centre website, targeted emails and Facebook advertising. The content showcased Carraig Donn’s fashion, jewellery and gift ranges together alongside the promotion.

A landing page was created in Darius to capture shopper details and automatically present their promotional code for redemption in store.

The Results

The campaign landing page received 240 views, with 60 shoppers registering for their promotional code.

Carraig Donn reported that €450 of additional spend was generated from code redemptions in store over the two-day promotion.

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