Shopping Centre, England Boots No.7 at Centre Court

The Background

Centre Court Shopping Centre has been using Darius as their platform to deliver, manage and measure their ongoing customer engagement strategy since 2013. At the beginning of 2015, the centre had a very well segmented shopper database that enabled the marketing team to target different shopper profiles with retailer specific promotions that would be of interest to them.

The Challenge

Boots were re-launching their new serum/formula for their ‘Protect and Perfect’ product range and the Centre Court branch of Boots required support from the Centre’s marketing team to drive awareness of the new range and deliver sales.

The Solution

Darius was used to deliver a series of product-focused communications for ‘Protect and Perfect’ to a segmented group of the centre’s shopper database over a two week period. Only shoppers who were tagged on Darius to receive promotional information from Boots or from beauty category tenants were contacted.

The Results

  • Sales were up 40% for the launch week of the product against 2014 sales.
  • The Centre Court store came second in the region for the highest sales of the new product!

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