Connecting Retailers, Brands and their Customers

Darius is a personalization and insight technology that drives more visits, engages customers and grows sales.


Customer acquisition and retention

Personalized, compelling marketing that attracts new customers and grows loyalty with existing ones


Cross-sell and up-sell

Data-driven messages that grow retail sales and revenue


Business planning and decision-making

Critical insights and analytics that shape your business

"With Darius, we are reaching almost 40,000 shoppers per week currently and that can really make the difference between each of those stores hitting their sales or not."

Suzy Wood Centre Director, Centre Court Shopping Centre


Growing business for


of retailers

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Clients report year on year

double-digit growth

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Darius integrates with existing tech

Darius has been designed to integrate and interact with retail technology. For retailers, this means you can derive real value from any instore data and analytics you are already gathering. And for retail technology providers, it’s the opportunity to add value to what you do by turning the data and insights your solutions generate into actionable strategies and campaigns that help your clients grow their business.

Darius your way

Darius is made up of a number of components – each designed to help grow your business.

Depending on your needs, objectives and strategy, you can select just one, some, or every component. You can go for the full end-to-end service, pick and mix to match specific needs, or size up the opportunity to scale up.

Whatever you decide, you have taken the first step to grow your business and create a compelling  experience for your customers. Top decision!





Helping our clients truly engage their customers

"Darius has become the business partner we didn’t realize we needed."

Steven Simpson Rio & Brazil and

"We are currently in the 6th week of our ‘Discovery’ programme where we have currently engaged with over 30 per cent of our unique shoppers, and 25 per cent of our engagements have been lost shoppers from new local competition. To this effect, we have slowed the rate of lost sales by an average of 15 per cent in the last five weeks and we forecast the rate of decline will close further over the remaining period of discovery as we introduce other mission options to our customers."

Brian McCaughey Londis Inverary, UK

"Darius allows our team to create, publish and measure our digital shopper marketing campaigns in real-time. Built-in metrics allow us to better understand the marketing channels and media that work and don’t work for the business. This helps us plan for the future in a strategic and meaningful way. The in-store WiFi at all seven Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace locations is fully integrated with Darius Proximity, allowing us to recognize our customers and deliver relevant, personalized marketing messages."

Amanda Bortzfield, Head of Marketing Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace, New York

"With Darius, we are reaching almost 40,000 shoppers per week currently and that can really make the difference between each of those stores hitting their sales or not."

Suzy Wood Centre Director, Centre Court Shopping Centre

"By using Darius this has enabled us to segment our customers in terms of their likes, their favourite brands, their proximity. We can even deliver personalised content for promotions. Perhaps most importantly, we can measure the actual effort of the campaign itself. As an example, last summer we had our signature event “The Summer Series” where we saw sales growth of 40% upwards for some of our key retailers."

David Pickett Centre Director, Parkway Shopping Centre

"Darius provided a lot more than we needed… and some stuff I had never even dreamt of."

Antony Begley Woodlands Local Convenience store and publisher of Scottish Local Retailer

"Darius enabled us to deliver very compelling promotions to our target shoppers, which incentivised both visits and spend resulting in our footfall for August last year grown by 2.5% against the previous year and then ending up 4% ahead of the national benchmark for the month."

Mark Haynes Centre Director, County Mall

"Velocity have provided Gallions Reach Shopping Park with a sound and well-supported team which has consistently and successfully innovated and measured marketing activities."

Arnold Catterall Centre Manager, Gallions Reach Shopping Park

"We have integrated Darius throughout our marketing strategy over the last few years and have just launched a proximity marketing campaign by linking Darius with our WiFi System. Over the last 12 months, Darius has helped us to grow our shopper database by 71% and has provided us with the ability to communicate directly with Jervis Shopping Centre shoppers via personalised communications and bespoke offers."

Derek McDonnell Centre Manager, Jervis Shopping Centre

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